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SBS elastomer modified bitumen membrane

SBS Elastomer modified bitumen

广西快3 Elastomer modified bitumen membrane is a polyester mat, glass mat, glass fiber reinforced polyester mat for the child based, styrene - butadiene - styrene (SBS) thermoplastic elastomer as petroleum pitch change agent, both sides covered with insulating material made of waterproof membrane.

★Product type and specifications

1, according to child-into polyester felt (PY), glass fiber mat (G), glass fiber reinforced polyester felt (PYG).
2, according to the upper surface of the insulating material into polyethylene film (PE), fine sand (S), mineral granule (M). The lower surface of insulating material is fine sand (S), polyethylene film (PE).
NOTE: sand particle diameter of not more than 0.60mm of mineral particles.
3, according to material properties are divided into type I and type II.
1, coil nominal width of 1000mm
2, polyester felt sheet nominal thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
3, glass fiber mat web nominal thickness of 3mm, 4mm
4, glass fiber reinforced polyester felt sheet nominal thickness of 5mm
5, each roll coil nominal area 7.5m2,10m2,15m2

1, elastomer modified bitumen membrane mainly for industrial and civil construction of the roof and underground works.
2, glass fiber reinforced polyester felt sheet can be used to mechanically fixed single ply waterproofing, but by the need to wind load test.
3, glass fiber mat is suitable for multi-layer waterproof membrane in the bottom of water.
4, using the exposed upper surface of the insulating material using an opaque mineral granules waterproofing membrane.
5, underground waterproof surface-insulating material for the fine sand of the waterproofing membrane.

★Material Properties GB128242-2008

Soluble content/(g/m2)          ≥ 3mm 2100
4mm 2900
5mm 3500
Experimental phenomena Child-noncombustible Child-noncombustible    —
Heat resistance 90 105
≤mm 2
Experimental phenomena Free flowing、Dripping
3* Low temperature flexibility -20 -25
No cracks
4* Impermeability30min 0.3Mpa 0.2Mpa 0.3Mpa
pull Maximum peak tension/(N/50mm)≥ 500 350 800 500 900
Rally peak times/(N/50mm)≥ 800
Experimental phenomena Drawing process, the central specimen without a coating of asphalt cracking or separation of the tread base
6* Elongation When the maximum peak elongation/%   ≥ 30   40  
When the second peak elongation/%   ≥ 15
7* Increasing the mass after immersion in water/% PE/S 1
       ≤ M 2
Thermal aging Rally retention/%        ≥ 90
Elongation retention/%      ≥ 80
Low temperature flexibility/℃ -15 -20
No cracks
Dimensional change rate/%        ≤ 0.7 0.7 0.3
Mass loss/%          ≤ 1
9* Permeability of Number of sheets    ≤ 2
10 The seam peel strength/(N/mm)        ≥ 1.5
11 Shank tear strengtha/N               ≥ 300
12 Mineral aggregates adhesionb/g              ≤ 2
13* Surface bituminous coating thickness under the membrane capc/mm  ≥ 1
Artificial climate accelerated aging Exterior No sliding, flowing, dripping
Rally retention%         ≥ 80
Low temperature flexibility/℃ -15 -20
No cracks
a It applies only to single-coil mode mechanically fixed construction
b Only applies to mineral granule membrane surface
c Only for the construction of hot-melt web

Note:Wherein factory inspection items with *

★Construction Technology

1, with cement mortar grassroots, the grassroots to ensure smooth, firm, dry and clean. There can not be loose, sand, peeling phenomenon;
2, in the grass brushing cold base oil;
3, after a cold base oil sulfate, and additional processing nodes sealing layer laying;
4, heated with a blowtorch and grassroots sheet, bottom sheet and other hot-melt, immediately roll shop, shop side edge compaction;
5, while the hot-melt web is not cold, iron the seam edge roll trowel timely packer, and hot melt pressure compensation torch dense;
6, carry out the web closing header processing, so that fixed and sealed;
Two、Cold Construction
1, according to the requirements of hot-melt sealing process node and grassroots leveling and laying of additional layers;
2, even brushing agent, while brushing the side of the web shop rolled forward, and in a timely manner with the roll compaction process;
3, timely gelling agent overflow seal;
4, good income header processing web.
After construction Press GB50207-2012《Roof Engineering Quality Acceptance》or GB50208-2011《Underground Waterproof Engineering Quality Acceptance》Acceptance。


★Storage and transportation

During storage and transport of different types and specifications of products should be stored separately and should not be mixed. Avoid the sun and rain, pay attention to ventilation. Storage temperature should not exceed 50 ℃, stand up storage only single, neutral place during transport of not more than two layers.
2, Transportation
Prevent tipping or horizontal pressure, covered with tarpaulin when necessary during transport.
3, the storage period
Under normal storage, transport conditions, starting one year from the date of production of the storage period.

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