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Ethylene vinyl acetate polymer bitumen blend (ECB) waterproo

Polyethylene polyester waterpr

Ethylene-vinyl acetate modified bitumen blend (ECB) waterproof sheet is a synthetic resin polymer waterproof board, based on ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer as the main raw material, adding a certain amount of modified asphalt blend, after extrusion three Sec a high-end water seepage geotextile material roll calender cooling sub-volume processes made of.

★Product type and specifications

Ethylene-vinyl acetate modified bitumen blend (ECB) board is widely used in various water tunnels, underground civil engineering, urban subway, water, artificial lakes, landfills, waste treatment plants and petrochemical plants, sewage regulation pool of other civil engineering water seepage.

★Material Properties GB18173.1-2012

Project Index
*Tensile Strength/MPa Room temperature(23℃)                         ≥ 14
High temperature(60℃)            ≥ 5
*Elongation at break/%  Room temperature(23℃)            ≥ 500
Hypothermia(-20℃)           ≥ 300
*Tear strength/(KN/m)                                        ≥ 60
*Impermeability(30min) 0.3MPaNo leakage
*Flexibility at low temperature -35℃No cracks
Heating expansion rate(mm) Extend                                ≤ 2
Shrink                ≤ 6
Hot air aging(80℃×168h) Tensile elongation retention/%             ≥ 80
Elongation at break retention/%             ≥ 70
Alkali【saturationCa(OH)2Solution,23℃×168h】 Tensile elongation retention/%            ≥ 80
Elongation at break retention/%            ≥ 90
Artificial weathering Retention of tensile strength/%              ≥ 80
Elongation retention/%            ≥ 70
Peel adhesion strength (sheet and the sheet) Standard test conditions/(N/mm )         ≥ 1.5
Flooding retention(23℃×168h)/%      ≥ 70

Note:Wherein factory inspection items with *

★Construction Technology

Ethylene-vinyl acetate modified bitumen blend (ECB) waterproof board is installed mainly empty shop law construction, tunnel, basement, there are concrete projects cushion floor using empty shop law laying sidewall spacer dome parts adopt fixed installation method the special gasket fixing nail on the base, and then welded to the water board dedicated gaskets, gasket to sidewall spacing 1000mm, 600mm dome appropriate. In case of shut off water board site with metal beads fixed with sealant shut, hot air welding lap. Artificial lakes, canals, landfills, waste treatment plants and other projects, simply lay a solid foundation soil, water board will each be welded into a whole lay, shut the site should remain on the ground in a groove on the compacted base layer, will waterproof board embedded in the groove, and pressed by compacting concrete. Before laying waterproof board ships laying a layer of geotextile cloth buffer layer, waterproof board laying flat must be natural relaxation can not be tight, especially the stress concentration of the corner site.
After construction according to GB50207-2012 "Roof Engineering Quality Acceptance" or GB50208-2011 "underground waterproof project quality inspection norms" for acceptance.

★Storage and transportation
Sheet during transportation and storage, should pay attention not to damage the packaging, placed in ventilated, dry place, storage stack height should not exceed five flat sheet roll height. When stacked, should be placed on a dry, level ground, avoid direct sunlight, NO contact with acids, alkalis, oils and organic solvents, and heat isolation.

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